Plan dissemination activities:

1. The website: publishes all information on the partners, the intellectual outputs, the dissemination activities and will be used as tool to get feedback on the developed intellectual outputs;
2. The Share Point: Is an easy way to communicate between the project partners. The Share Point will contain: announcements, agenda, documents, all information on the IO’s, a picture library, templates, access to an online platform to collaborate on documents;
3. Social media and e-twinning; Social media is an easy way to communicate with externals. The advantage of e-twinning are: you can spread information for specific target groups, it is a tool for people in education, you can announce events, etc…
4. Printed & IT based promotional material; those are tangible and touchable promotional materials to spread during meetings.
5. Leaflets on the content of the intellectual outputs; they are tangible and touchable materials to spread the results of the project.
6. Information meetings; the partners get the opportunity to spread and promote the content of the project.
7. Meetings with “friends” schools; during these meetings the partners can pilot and realize the intellectual outputs.
8. Participation in local radio and web radio.
9. One International conferences; International dissemination of the content of the project to the primary and the secondary target group.


International Dissemination Event – Paris 10 April 2017

Within the project Erasmus+ ASE “Access to School for Everyone” the partnership organized a dissemination event with teachers coming from around Europe to talk about European Project and not only for school. The event was realized thanks to the fruitfull collaboration among “College La Sologne” of Tigy, the other school involved in the partnership, the International organisation “Laboratorio del cittadino”, the Ligue de l’Enseignement federation Paris, the museum Maurice Denis Saint Germain en Laye, the Municipality of Champigny-sur-Marne and the artist Sylvain Solaro who animated a workshop.

During the event were present several projects, for school, municipalities, youth and also European training courses opportunity in the fields of diversity, inclusion, and multiculturalism.

Report of the event > LINK

Preparation meeting among the speakers

Photos and program of the event