Leaflets created to disseminate the project at national level.


Roll up and posters



Article about the presentation of the projects and mobilities





Project event-A Day of European Languages and Erasmus Day at school

A Trip Around  the World
12 April  2017 we celebrated The DAY OF EUROPEAN LANGUAGES   together with ERASMUS DAY. The event called ‘A Trip Around  the World’  was the idea of our logistics from IV  form. They prepared the programme of the meeting with lots of games , quizes and plays. There was also a part about the previous as well ongoing projects within COMENIUS and ERASMUS+ programmes: exchange of students and foreign professional trainings. The special  attention was paid to ongoing project ‘ACCESS TO SCHOOL FOR EVERYONE’, programme Erasmus + , Strategic Partnerships.

All the students from our school had an opportunity to listen to project participants’ reports about mobilities, presentations, extra work. The main part of the programme was about benefits from the engagement into projects- improvement of language skills, increased responsibility, bigger openness of our students, involvement into extra after school activities and  perception of the the role of learning. Thanks to good school notes and great engagement into additional work students have opportunities to go abroad for mobilities and meet new cultures.Thus, they appealed and encouraged their schoolmates to be more open to new values and qualities  and learn languages.

    A few weeks befor the event classes chose countries to be presented. Among them you could find China, Egypt, India, France, Italy, Mexico, Great Britain, Germany and Greece. They had to prepare costumes with their descriptions, songs associated with their countries and flags. There were also quizes, spelling competition, The ‘Wheel of fortune’ competition and many others.The winner was the form III Mechatronics, just before the form I of Logistics.
It was another time that we could see that students’ ingenuity has no boundaries and we were surprised with their enormous imagination and involvement.
We thank you the form IV Logistics for the initiative and organising the school event. It was really loudly, colourful and nice.





Posters and roll-up used for dissemination of the project



ERASMUS+ ZSZ Relacja MTK Wąbrzeźno

TG of Wabrzezno – Min. 20:37


Mobile newspaper article




Article in Regional newswpaper about the mobility in Wabrzezno

Dissemination MOB Poland

TV program in national TV about presentation of the ASE Erasmus+ Project

Erasmus+ corner in the school settled by the students involved in the project activities



Presentation of the project during the “Open School Day” promoting ASE project. These pitures were seen by students from local junior high school visiting our school with their teachers. 26 April 2017 was an important day in our school. We prepared an event called ‘Open Doors’ to present the system of the school, its technical and vocational forms. To make it more interesting we showed our students to be classes with equipment, machines and devices necessary in our everyday school work. The room with presentation of European projects found lots of students interested in our activities. They could see presentations about previous and ongoing projects. Special attention was paid to ‘Access to School for Everyone’ project. Its participants described in details the aim of the project, mobilities and partners’ schools. Tens of lovely photos displayed in the room and school hall attracted young people.




Dissemination at the Municipality all with all the partners

During the mobility in Poland in September 2016 we were invited to Municipality for a conference. It was an official meeting with the Mayor, local authorities. Among invited persons there were teachers and students from all 5 partners schools. The group of 50 people visited Wabrzezno town hall and took part in an formal meeting where we presented our tasks and material concerning the project. It was a nice time spent there where we had an opportunity to promote the idea of our ASE project. Students and teachers discussed the problem and topics related to the Erasmus+ programme.
It was a real multinational gathering in Wabrzezno town hall with lots of fun, laugh and photos. We were given gadgets and souvenirs from the Mayor- lovely umbrellas with logo of Wabrzezno Municipality, sweets and fruit . It was a wonderful time spent there.
Of course, it was not the first visit about the project there. We are fully glad with the cooperation and understanding. We feel that our work is appreciated and it is another stimulus for another ideas and events.