logocollege2The college “Sologne” Tigy is a rural school of medium size (450 students) located 30 km of Orleans, in suburban areas. Geographically, our college is located between the Loire Valley and Sologne, vast forest area. The social context is rather favorable (but with a shift in recent years), but we suffer from a certain isolation. The remoteness of the cultural centers (Orléans, Paris …) makes them expensive and therefore rare trips.
Few students move “in town” and very little rub cultural centers such as libraries, museums … except the most favored, those whose parents work in town for example. The college is for many of them, the only place open and the only place in social and cultural diversity. However, we are in an area rich in terms of history and heritage: the Loire Valley is on the World Heritage List of UNESCO since 2000 not only for its Renaissance castles but also for the quality of its biodiversity.
Furthermore, academically, even if we have a success rate satisfying the brevet in 2014, we note a growing lack of student motivation in learning difficulties “classic”. This results in a lack of ambition in career choices and educational pathways.
Work differently, in cooperation with other European students could remedy these issues.
The college “Sologne” has many projects that promote the development of students and contribute to the integration of students with difficulties. Most of the teachers use to work in a team-wide basis, on class projects that include several disciplines, such as the HIDA (art history) with French, history, music, plastic arts.
The college has also experience in the management of European projects. He is the coordinator of a partnership KA2 and several team members have received training KA1.
These projects are an opportunity to actively practice the techniques of information and communication. Multiple skills are implemented in a transversal way: organization, autonomy, teamwork, French, English, ICT etc … for the benefit of our students.
They were rewarded for their work by receiving the label for their productions eTwinning.

Rue du Château d’eau, 45510 TIGY
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