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Bucine Comprehensive Institute consists of four Infant schools, three Primary schools and three Secondary schools (scuola media), situated in Bucine, Ambra and Pergine, in the Valdarno area.
The school community consists of 871 students from 3 to 14 years old, 111 teachers  working in the different schools, caretakers and the administration staff.
Our school applies  innovative didactics which pay attention to the inclusion of all kinds of students  and has enriched its formative offer with projects that deal with “Language”, “Scientific-technological field”, “Citizenship” and “Territory”.

The study of English starts from the Infant school with the intervention of a mothertongue teacher  and goes on in the Primary and Secondary school  with a lot of projects such as theatre in English, mothertongue speaker activities, schooltrips in England and summer camps with English tutors. At the end of each course of study the students are examined by an external examination board, the Trinity College of London. Our school is one of the examination centres. Moreover our Institute is organizing English Courses for Primary school teachers to reach the B1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, so they can teach English in the Primary school.
Our School shares a project that concern the building of an innovative teaching model for maths and science called “Laboratorio del Sapere Scientifico” (Scientific Knowledge workshop). It is a three year training course of geometry and science workshops led by a scientific committee from the Regione Toscana URS office,  where all the teachers of the different schools work according to the age of their pupils. The new teaching model is expected to be taught  in English (CLIL). The school obtained funding for the first year of study and at the moment we are going on with the second year.
The Curriculum is the heart of the entire course of study and represents the set of didactic experiences that from three to fourteen years old  gradually lead the students to the expected competences. For this reason the teachers of the different levels of school  work together in order that the formative process  may be organic and progressive.

VIA XXV APRILE, 14 52021 Bucine

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