“The Bad Boy”
Activity coordinated by Tzoulia Psofogiannaki

This video is the product of the dramatization of a book under the same title, about the power of music on create and cooperate. It has been done during the literature lesson, by Mrs. Tzoulia Psofogiannaki. It is about the need of a special boy to belong, accomplished in the beginning by becoming member of a gang, with all the bad feelings that this choice brings to him and his family. When suddenly a music teacher offers him a violin and invite him to become a member of a music group, the boy quits the gang and discover approval and pride through artistic expression and collaboration.

“Wrong door”

A surreal comic video, based totally on a students idea, and created completely by them, with only a small help by Mrs. Sofia Charalampaki and Mrs. Aspasia Karali. It is inspired by the special tradition of the 5 participating countries and trays to express the idea that traveling can bring you closer to the other and can vanish the disagreements you have with your nearby. Based on everyday school life, the students express and celebrate the impression of traveling to other countries through fantasy, without leaving the school building.


One shot video, based on an idea of Mrs. Eleni Rentzou and accomplished by Mrs. Aspasia Karali. Misirlou, the old famous melody, created in the beginning of 20th century as a theme for a rembetiko Greek song, has been used by many different music kinds, every time becoming more and more famous. Here, students and teachers of different musical fields interpret this melody, one by one, according to their own style and conclude playing it all together as a group, showing that in art as in life, diversity is richness.