Production from Italian partner “NO MAN IS AN ISLAND”

Thinking of a video that had inclusion as its main theme, we chose to use the power of the image, pointing right to its immediacy and its total accessibility. The work that inspired our work was “La dance” by H. Matisse.  We chose this painting for its significant and profound message: the line between the green of the land and the blue of the sky, men and women are dancing in a harmonious and balanced way. The lines that join their bodies are accurate and every element is linked to the other: it is a perfect example of pictorial inclusion.
Once we had chosen the central work, the students of the classes II A and II B of our school began working by hand: they cut the twenty-five pieces into which the life-sized picture reproduction had been divided (4m x 3m) and they glued them on recycled cardboard.  Then the students painted the large Erasmus+ logo (1.5m x 2.4m) that we used for the shooting.  Moreover, in order to give colour to the actors, each student painted a yellow shirt with his/ her favourite colours. These original t-shirts were worn by the students during the video.
The title is a quote from the poem by John Donne. It summarizes the profound meaning of the work: “No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the Continent, a part of the main”.

The video is made up of five scenes in which the pieces of the painting are placed nearby, without any meaning, replaced with some holes, and finally reconstructed completely in the right way to communicate the concept that each piece is important in itself and, even more, each piece is useful and required to compose the whole (the main) that is also beautiful. Each scene has a keyword, in the five languages ​​of the Project, which exemplifies the action of the students: division, chaos, order, inclusion and “the Great Beauty”. The pupils also chose the soundtracks, rhythmically different for each scene. During the Inclusion scene, the students themselves played  the main theme of Mission by Ennio Morricone on the flute. A framework reassembled, two circles of pupils are dancing like the characters of the Matisse painting: the artistic beauty and the beauty of joyful and colorful boys can only be described as “the Great Beauty”. At the end of the video, the students are sitting around the painting, singing “Imagine”. Some of them get up and unroll the large Erasmus+ logo to indicate that throughout this project we can get to the inclusion achieved in the painting.
Throughout the preparation, rehearsals and shooting, all pupils participated enthusiastically, as well as the teachers; each of them was really committed to cutting, pasting, painting, singing, playing … It was a beautiful and enthusiastic experience, that involved us and the kids in the   creation of “a Great Beauty”.
It’s important to underline the fact that the soundtrack of the scene of the Order, the Canon by Pachelbel, was proposed by a girl with a disability and that lazy or shy students gave major contributions to all the work.

Working progress