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Objectives pursued:
The OECD spread during CERI (Conference on Innovation, Governance and Reform in Education) in Paris 2014 evidences on how schools have to cope with diversity in the future. They noticed that diversity in education is one of the future challenges for the schools in the next decade.
The schools partners noticed that “diversity in society and schools is a fact”. They embrace diversity. They have also noticed that some schools and teams in the member states are already working in line with the challenges and needs noticed by the OECD. So, the project used these European examples of good practice as starting point.
The project looks on how teams & schools can be supported to use diversity as a strength in education to realize better learning.

The partners involved in the project came from different national school system and it is very interesting compare the different policies, strategies, activities and guide lines to be able to understand what should be improved and what are the best practices in the field of diversity at school.

Objective of the project
To support school (teams) in coping with diversity in order to enhance student learning by:
a. Supporting schools & teachers in connecting practice, research and policy according to diversity;
b. Integrating diversity in school models;
c. Connecting teachers and students according to diversity;
d. Developing tools and didactic modules that support a, b, c;
e. Develop non-formal activities to help in cope with diversity, using interdisciplinary approach and innovative teaching tools.
The project used the experiences of the schools on diversity, past experience and best practices within the partnership. ASE project used all the local expertise’s on coping with diversity in order to enhance learning, NGO’s, professionals, trainers, museum, families took part in the project activities helping the different school to build a net called “school community”.
This project should be carried out trans-nationally because within this partnership we collect different school’s realities, with different degrees and subjects of teaching. It’s important to mention that there are secondary and high schools that will work together, to guarantee a continuum and interaction between the different school’s level. Each partner it’s specialized in a different field and will guarantees interdisciplinary approach.