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Colegiul National Economic “Gheorghe Chitu” is a secondary school from Craiova city, Dolj county, Romania . The general background of the area (the southern part of Romania ) is considered to be slightly disadvantaged from the socio-economic perspective as compared to the central and western part of the country. The activities are mainly related to industry, business and trade, so there is a wide interest for vocational education in business and economics, including retail sector. The school hosts a number of 1600 pupils aged 15 to 19. Many of the students come from countryside areas and there are a lot of students socially disadvantaged as one or both parents work abroad for longer periods.
Qualifications—public administration—4-year study with different subqualifications according to every year of study
-food services and gastronomy—3 year study ended by certificates of competences
-sales and commerce activities-retail sector—3 year study ended by certificates of competences.
The vocational education includes working practice 6 up to 10 weeks a school year according to the year of study.
The previous participation in this partnerships represent a valuable experience of our school in the cooperation with other schools from Europe, offering teachers the opportunity to observe and compare the educational systems in schools from other countries, creating a network as a basis for partnerships which can provide opportunities for both students and teachers to complete their education within an European framework; developing ICT skills and communication in foreign languages abilities. This will broaden the horizons of universal cultures and strengthen the cultural diversity, making students to get a better understanding of their national identity in order to improve human relationships and communication.
The development of such a project contributes to the recognition of cultural diversity as ameans of preserving national and cultural values and also to provide good human relationships and universal integration.

Str.Brestei, Nr 10, 200420 Craiova


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