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Technical college and vocational school in Wabrzezno, Poland is located in northern part of Poland. We live in a small town with population of 14 000. It is characterised with high unemployment  and constant migration. Some students have one or two unemployed parents and others- parents who work in a bigger city or abroad. Students in our school come from various environments and with the various material status. Lots of them are poor. They cannot afford to go on holidays to buy fashionable clothes. These students are at risk of social exclusion. We also teach students with special needs of reading or writing (dyslexia), ADHD problems. We have classes for disabled students (vocational classes).
Many of our students do not think they will have an opportunity or necessary knowledge and skills to travel or work abroad. They cannot use learned language in their everyday lives, they do not travel enough, do not have friends that would speak other languages. This project could help them to realise that there are ways they could be using the language even when they live in Poland, and also to show them that they will be able to and will have to use foreign languages in their future. This project could help students to find out other cultures than their own, to find not just differences, but also similarities between Poland and other countries. They can practise and enlarge their knowledge in English and this make them an active part in educational process. We suppose the international dimension of the project support students with higher motivation for lifelong learning. All this will make them an active part in the educational process and will be helpful for their future development, cooperation and communication with classmates from different countries.
The mission of the school is to educate high-qualified specialists and give them equal chances to access to the labour market. The scope of the school is local- it is not a boarding school. Technical classes include those for logistics, mechatronics, mechanics, tourism management, vocational ones- different jobs- hairdressers, mechanics, carpenters, shop assistants and many others.

Żeromskiego 6, 87200 Wąbrzeźno



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